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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

- John F. Kennedy 

(from a speech prepared for delivery on the date of his assassination in  November, 1963)

My research uncovers and tests the mechanisms by which individuals learn and develop from their own and others’ experiences at work, with a particular emphasis on learning in health care organizations. Though my interest is in individual-level learning, I focus specifically on how this learning is influenced by interpersonal relationships and interactions in organizations. 

Individual learning in modern, knowledge-intensive organizations often occurs in concert with others and via interdependent work experiences, but learning is still often thought of as something that people do by themselves. In contrast to this “lone learner” assumption, my research aims to unpack more dyadic and social mechanisms of learning, examining interpersonal learning interactions, the characteristics individuals bring to these interactions, and the emergent structures in which these interactions are embedded. 

In addition to my research on learning in organizations, I also explore and write about topics related to leadership, learning, and management in healthcare, and share this work in academic journals, teaching cases, and practice-focused publications.


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