Teaching & Executive Education

In my teaching, whether with degree students or practicing executives, I strive to combine research-driven lessons with experiential exercises and real-world case studies. My goal is to create an engaging session that prepares people to be more effective leaders in their workplace. As a result of my research, as well as my prior work as an outdoor education instructor, my teaching heavily emphasizes experiential learning opportunities, both in the classroom and on expedition courses. In all of my classes, I strive to incorporate challenging experiences that stretch students’ abilities and help them recognize how they can apply concepts from organizational research to their everyday work as a leader.

In addition to my formal teaching, I also consult and conduct custom executive development training with individuals and organizations around the world. This executive education focuses on (1) helping individuals enhance their ability to learn and develop as leaders, and (2) helping organizations design tools and processes to facilitate more effective team learning and build a strong leadership pipeline. I have worked with groups from a variety of backgrounds and countries, ranging from local and national government agencies to academic medical centers and emergency services teams.

Current Teaching

Management & Organizational Behavior

MBA Program (BU.930.632) | Fall II Term
The purpose of this course, required for students in the full-time MBA program at the Carey Business School, is to introduce students to fundamental topics related to managing, leading, and working in modern organizations. The course exposes students to a broad array of frameworks for understanding individual, team, and organizational behavior, with particular emphasis on the design of work, interpersonal dynamics, organizational innovation and change, global work environments, and crafting meaningful careers. This breadth of topics, ranging across organizational levels and career stages, distinguishes the course and is meant to complement students’ later coursework focused on individual decision-making, solving problems in teams, and avoiding pitfalls of early career managers.

Executive Certificate in Health Care Leadership & Management

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In this Carey Executive Education Certificate program, participants learn necessary leadership and management skills, and develop an evidence-based understanding of how to lead for highly reliable performance in the health care environment – all while earning continuing education credits. The Certificate is open to all health care professionals — physicians, researchers, nursing leaders, policymakers, pharmacists and general health care managers — who endeavor to create positive change within their organizations.The program takes place over 5 days (spread across two weekends), and is led by world-class faculty at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Armstrong Institute of Patient Safety and Quality, and the School of Medicine. With innovative speakers, real world simulations and practical case studies, the program helps participants develop an individualized path to lead in health care.

Leadership Development Expedition

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Leadership Development Expeditions at the Carey Business School provide participants with an opportunity to develop as leaders and hone team dynamics through outdoor adventure and challenging experiential opportunities. LDE experiences are available to all Carey degree students as well as Executive Education participants in different locations around the globe.

The LDE course is offered as an elective for the Carey Business School MBA (and is also available to students in all other degree programs). The course utilizes the unique opportunity for leadership development embedded in outdoor experiential education, providing students the challenge of serving as a leader during an adventure expedition, and helping students reflect on this challenge to develop their own conceptualization and practice of leadership. Participants in the Intersession expedition course will spend 9 days in Belize sea kayaking through the pristine coastal waterways and camping on remote islands along the barrier reef. Participants in the Summer expedition course will spend 9 days trekking the mountains and fjords of Norway, traversing glaciers and summiting the highest peak in Scandinavia. Throughout either expedition, students will focus on enhancing individual and team performance, learn and apply appropriate leadership models, and provide/receive structured feedback.

In partnership with Carey Executive Education, custom LDE Executive Treks are also offered for organizations and their leaders (with expeditions to either Belize or Norway, depending on the season). Whether kayaking among remote islands in Belize or trekking through Norwegian glaciers, the hands-on approach to leadership development, coupled with extensive feedback and coaching, allows high-potential future leaders to retreat from their day-to-day work and focus extensively on their learning and growth as a leader. Courses are customized to the needs and objectives of the specific organization/team, and provide a memorable, transformative experience that complements ongoing talent development efforts in the organization.
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