In my teaching, whether with degree students or practicing executives, I strive to combine research-driven lessons with experiential exercises and real-world case studies. My goal is to create an engaging session that prepares people to be more effective leaders in their workplace. Given my research and prior work as an outdoor education instructor, my teaching heavily emphasizes experiential learning opportunities. In my classes, I incorporate challenging experiences that stretch students’ abilities and help them recognize how they can apply concepts from organizational research to their everyday actions at work.

In addition to my teaching in the classroom, I also consult and conduct custom executive development training with individuals and organizations around the world. This executive education focuses on (1) helping individuals enhance their ability to learn and develop as leaders, and (2) helping organizations design tools and processes to facilitate more effective team learning and build a strong leadership pipeline. I have worked with groups from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to academic medical centers and air medical and emergency services teams.

Current Courses

Leading High Reliability Health Care Organizations


This course, offered for the Carey Business School MS in Health Care Management, focuses on the art and science of leading for highly reliable performance in the modern health care industry. …

Effective Teams & Sensemaking

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This course, offered as an elective for the Carey Business School MBA, conveys knowledge and practical tools that help students become more productive team members and leaders. In today’s businesses, teams are a basic organizational building block. …

Leadership Development Expedition


This two-part course, offered as an elective for the Carey Business School MBA (and available to students in other degree programs), is a leadership-intensive seminar and kayaking expedition that builds on the foundational understanding of leadership and management developed in other Carey courses. …

Current Open Enrollment Executive Education Sessions

High Reliability Leadership

high reliability organization

This two-day Carey Business School executive education session focuses on the skills and attitudes needed for leading highly reliable organizations. Effective leadership is critical in any organization, but especially for organizations where highly reliable performance is absolutely essential. …

Effective Selection & Hiring Strategies


This one-day Carey Business School executive education session focuses on evidence-based techniques and strategies for engaging in effective hiring and selection in organizations. Selecting and hiring the best people for your organization is one of the primary duties of a leader. …

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