Leadership Development Expedition


This two-part course, offered as an elective for the Carey Business School MBA (and available to students in other degree programs), is a leadership-intensive seminar and kayaking expedition that builds on the foundational understanding of leadership and management developed in other Carey courses. The course utilizes the unique opportunity for leadership development embedded in outdoor experiential education, providing students the challenge of serving as a leader during an adventure expedition, and helping students reflect on this challenge to develop their own conceptualization and practice of leadership. The course combines a thorough academic introduction to leadership development and opportunity for self-assessment (before the expedition) with repeated reflection and feedback (during and after the expedition) to help students develop their own path as leaders.

Participants will spend 9 days in Belize sea kayaking through the pristine coastal waterways. The group will work together as an expedition team to navigate, cook, eat, and set up camp. Along the way we will enjoy snorkeling, fishing, and local island life. Throughout the trip, students will focus on enhancing individual and team performance, learn and apply appropriate leadership models and provide/receive structured feedback. Trip logistics will be outfitted by Island Expeditions who will provide us with local guides to teach us about life in Belize.

The course is focused on helping students develop their own leadership capacity, while also emphasizing a conceptual understanding of leadership in diverse settings. Traveling to remote destinations allows students to not only experience leadership within their own group, but also to observe leadership in action in parts of the world that they would likely not be exposed to in other ways, building a robust understanding of leadership in the global context.

  • 2017 Fall II & 2018 Intersession

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