Effective Selection & Hiring Strategies


This one-day Carey Business School executive education session focuses on evidence-based techniques and strategies for engaging in effective hiring and selection in organizations. Selecting and hiring the best people for your organization is one of the primary duties of a leader. These new hires represent the future of your team, and so leaders and managers often devote a large amount of time and energy to finding the “right” people for the job. But more often than most people like to admit, these selection processes bring us the “wrong” people. For example, how many times have you heard about new employees who fail to make it out of orientation? How many leave after a few months because they realize the job isn’t for them, or they don’t “fit”? Worse yet, how many don’t fit, but still stay, causing disruption to the whole organization?    

Getting selection or hiring wrong is an expensive, time-consuming, and harmful error. The goal of this session is to use the findings of social science research to understand effective strategies for identifying and hiring people who will improve the quality of your organization. Blending hands-on experiences and real-time discussion with these evidence-based strategies, we will examine all phases of the hiring process, from initial recruitment to the hiring interview and final selection. In particular, the session focuses on how to:

  •  Develop multi-stage hiring practices that assess applicants from multiple perspectives.
  •  Effectively use valid measures of candidate’s personality traits and attitudes.
  •  Conduct interviews in a way that accurately predicts future potential and performance.
  •  Better coordinate and share information within a selection team to select the best candidate for a position.
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