High Reliability Leadership

high reliability organization

This two-day Carey Business School executive education session focuses on the skills and attitudes needed for leading highly reliable organizations. Effective leadership is critical in any organization, but especially for organizations where highly reliable performance is absolutely essential. High reliability organizations – organizations where consistent, exceptional performance is a must, and the cost of failure is high – span many different industries and settings (including healthcare, emergency response and safety, energy industries, military operations, and public service, among others). Across these many settings, skilled leaders are needed to manage the complex cognitive and emotional challenges of delivering reliable performance day after day, often in the face of significant adversity.

This short course focuses on evidence-driven perspectives and tools for leading in these challenging environments, and provides participants experience-based opportunities for developing their personal leadership capacity. Bringing together the latest research findings with a set of hands-on experiences, the overarching goal of the course is to equip participants with the confidence and capabilities to lead highly reliable teams and organizations in their current and future leadership roles. 

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