Organizing for High Reliability

Invited Faculty Instructor for the 2021 FDNY Officers Management Institute

Defining GME Culture to Inform Targeted Interventions

Proposal Presentation at the AMA Graduate Medical Education Innovations Summit

Enabling and Scaling Vicarious Learning in Teams

Presentation at the 2020 Carnegie School of Organizational Learning (CSOL) Conference

Talking Your Way Out of Trouble: Effect of Language Communicative Speed in Mountain Trekking Teams

Paper Presentation at the 2020 Frontiers in MOC Conference (*Cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak*)

Learning as a Strategy for Organizational Change: Insights from Healthcare

Keynote Speaker for the KA Connect 2020 Knowledge Management Conference (*Cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak*)

Vicarious Learning and Storytelling in Organizations

Invited Speaker for Harvard Learning Innovations Laboratory Gathering

High Reliability Leadership

Invited Faculty Instructor for the 2020 FDNY Officers Management Institute

Leading Organizational Cultural Transformation in the Changing Face of Surgery

Invited Speaker for the Annual Meeting of the American College of Surgeons Maryland Chapter

Started from the Bottom? The Role of Underdog and Favorite Narratives in Shaping the Effects of Prior Discrimination on Performance

Paper Presentation at the 2019 Positive Organizational Scholarship Research Conference

Panelist: The Impact of AI and Future Technologies on a Learning Organization

Academic Panelist for the Defense Information Systems Agency