Defining GME Culture to Inform Targeted Interventions

October, 2020


Sateia, H.F., Myers, C.G., Garibaldi, B.T., & Desai, S.V. (2020, October). Defining GME culture to inform targeted interventions. Presentation for American Medical Association GME Innovations Summit, San Francisco, CA.

Virtual conference due to COVID-19 outbreak


Much is being done nationally to address wellbeing in GME and fine-tune the learning environment. Ideas are shared at national meetings and in online forums. However, discussions inevitably turn to the challenges of applying what has worked at one institution to a different environment that may share similar frustrations but have other opportunities. Defining and disseminating these best practices remains important but this approach will be met with limited success until we have a way to define the learning environment and more specifically, the culture within an institution. This will allow for a more informed approach to addressing wellbeing locally and ultimately, advance efforts nationally.

Christopher G. Myers
Christopher G. Myers
Associate Professor of Management and Medicine
Faculty Director, Center for Innovative Leadership