Navigating the Next Crisis: Research Insights for Effective Healthcare Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

August, 2021


The global COVID-19 pandemic has forever reshaped healthcare organizations and leadership. Whether navigating the next crisis or simply a situation of high uncertainty, healthcare will never be the same and neither will best practices for leading and managing organizations. During this webinar, experts will discuss the latest research describing healthcare leaders’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and uncover insights into when and how leaders thrived. They will also identify practices leaders implemented to achieve an effective response during the large-scale crisis. Attendees will learn how effective organizations harnessed their capabilities in novel ways and optimized their learning capacity to navigate continually changing demands, based on evidence from prior studies examining the leadership challenges during the pandemic and thereafter. Join this timely webinar to gain practical recommendations and reflections for your own organization, as well as tools for dealing with novel, fast-changing and highly uncertain conditions.

Christopher G. Myers
Christopher G. Myers
Associate Professor of Management and Medicine
Faculty Director, Center for Innovative Leadership