Vicarious Learning and Storytelling in Organizations

April, 2020 — April, 2020


We continue the exploration of Learning Ecologies by exploring how individuals learn and develop from their own as well as others’ experiences at work. We are joined today by Chris Myers, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and School of Medicine.

Chris Myers’ research has focused primarily on learning in health care organizations and other knowledge-intensive work environments. Chris will share how individuals learn through interpersonal interactions, shared understanding and meaning making of others’ experiences at work —what he calls Vicarious learning –which has long been recognized as a driver of individual, team, and organizational success. As you listen to Chris, think about what opportunities and practices support vicarious learning in your organization.

Graphic Summaries

Visual summaries of the two talks based on Chris’s research were created by the Learning Innovations Laboratory team:

Vicarious Learning in Modern Organizations

Storytelling for Vicarious Learning

Christopher G. Myers
Christopher G. Myers
Associate Professor of Management and Medicine
Faculty Director, Center for Innovative Leadership