Dr. Jamie Thompson: Diagnosing an Organizational Issue

WDI Publishing


Dr. Jamie Thompson: Diagnosing an Organizational Issue describes a challenging decision faced by Dr. Elizabeth Clarke, Chair of the Surgery Department, regarding what to do about Dr. Jamie Thompson, an employee causing disruption within the organization. Clarke recently hired Thompson to work as a surgeon in her department but is now getting complaints from many other staff about Thompson’s behavior. Thompson is delivering excellent results but ignores systems and processes, and frustrates coworkers. Clarke, who hired Thompson on the recommendation of a colleague, must now step in and address this issue. Students are asked to evaluate the situation Clarke faces and recommend the best course of action.

Teaching Note

Myers, C.G., Sutcliffe, K.M., & Lu-Myers, Y. (2017, February). Dr. Jamie Thompson: Diagnosing an organizational issue – Teaching note. WDI Teaching Note No. 1-430-501. Ann Arbor, MI: 
WDI Publishing.